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Get The Best Invisible Dog Fence On The Market

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If you want to let your dog to enjoy all the freedom as well as keep them within certain boundaries then a wireless dog fence is the best option for you. With this fence around, your dog will not be restricted by any physical boundary and they do not need any leash. If you are not at home then only you will be able to manage your dog by using the wireless fence. It is also very great if you are deciding to carry your dog on a holiday and do not want your dog to disappear from your view.

The wireless fence system consists of two main parts, one is the transmitter and another is the receiver. The receiver of these fences is installed in the collar of the dog. Once the collar receiver is activated with the batteries and the base station is powered by an 110 V system then it is easy to set up the boundary within which your dog can roam about. The wireless dog fence is the best training aid which can be set up in few minutes. Some of these fences allow two dogs to be contained within the boundary. The set up of the boundary can be as much as 200 feet in radius under the best conditions. The base station should be placed on non-metal surfaces, and it should be kept away from any large appliances.

Invisible Dog Electric-Fences

The base station communicates continuously with the collar of the dog, and it then tracks their distance from the established boundary in the yard. Through this, you can have access to the critical information about the dog’s safety and you are alerted instantly if the dog attempts to break out the boundary. If the dog does any attempt to get out of the boundary, then it starts eliciting a high-pitched tone which is continual till the dog is back into the boundary. Through the visible feedback signals at the base station, any loss of signal from the pet is also alerted.

So, What is the best wireless dog fence on the market? If you are planning to buy an electric dog fence, then you should read these reviews to get the best wireless dog fence for your dog.

Havahart Wireless Fence System Reviewhavahart-radial-wireless-dog-fence

The Havahart dog fence is the best wireless dog fence. The base station of this model goes inside the house, and it uses WiFi to create a circular boundary around the home. The receiver collar fits around the neck of the dog, and it communicates with the base station. When the dog gets very far from the base station, then the collar beeps to warn the dog to retreat, and if the dog ignores the warning, then it corrects the dog with a static shock. Havahart wireless fence has a bigger antenna which is built into the collar of the dog. The base station of this system uses better predictive algorithms and error correction to keep tabs on the dog.


Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

The best thing about this type of dog fence is that it is very easy to install. You just have to insert the plug it into the transmitter and then adjust its boundary radius. This system should be put in a safe place which should be outside the elements. Therefore, you can place it in your house, shed or garage as long as it stays out of the weather. The transmitter of this system works by emitting a radio signal around the house. This system is very safe. The receiver collar starts beeping as the dog gets too close to the boundary. If your dog does not listen and it continues on his way and reaches the boundary, then the collar gives him a static correction. This static correction is not harmful to your dog, and it is not harsh like other wireless dog fences.


Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence System Review

The Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence system uses the latest technology which is encoded with the wifi signal technology. The collar and base of this system are connected to the transceivers. Transceivers are the highly integrated signal chips which track the location of the dog consistently. The coverage area of this conventional dog wireless systems is more than three times which provide a circular containment area of up to two and a half acres.